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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First appointment with regular OB/GYN

Well I had my first appointment with my regular doctor. I did not have any blood drawn or anything which I was not prepared for because lately I’ve felt like a human pin cushion. Getting in and out was very quick and I absolutely love it because the doctor always takes his time with me. During this first appointment, I had to undergo the much dreaded Pap smear and breast exam. I was really not feeling the breast exam because they are so sore. The doctor gave me a belly ultrasound and I so was not expecting it. Sadly I have gotten so used to vaginal ultrasounds that I was disappointed because the quality of the picture was not as good. While DH and I were meeting with the doctor in his office discussing the pregnancy, I asked the doctor for a picture of the ultrasound and it wasn’t even a good picture because I threw it away. He told me that I would be taking the Glucophage throughout the entire pregnancy and can stop the suppositories at week 12. He asked me if I wanted an epidural and I quickly said “yes!” and that I also want a c-section. He asked me why and I gave him my reasons and he somewhat agreed with me. At the end of this visit, I was scheduled with two appointments. The first appointment specifically for blood work and the second appointment is with the doctor for a routine visit.

How far: 10 weeks

Sleeping Patterns: I don’t have any energy and been extremely tired to the point where I want to stop in the middle whatever I am doing and take a nap.

Weight: Still maintaining but doctor says that I should not gain more than 25 lbs throughout the pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: I ate a couple of Nathan’s Hotdogs this week which were really good. I tried it with onions and it was wonderful. All my life, I’ve only eaten hotdogs with ketchup only.

Morning Sickness: I have had one of the worst weeks thus far with sickness. I did not vomit, but as I said before dry heaving hurts and makes me feel bad!

10 weeks

Did not work for me

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