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Monday, May 30, 2011

Morning sickness, Dry Heaving, Pictures, and other Pregnancy related stuff

Throughout my pregnancy, I have experienced sickness every single day. I feel extremely nauseous in the morning and at night. Every morning I dry heave for a minimum of 10 minutes which gets old after awhile. Dry heaving hurts deep down in my stomach/diaphragm and I can’t stand it. Although I am thankful for not throwing up every day, I don’t know which is worse between puking and dry heaving. My doctor recently wrote me a prescription for Zofran, but I have not taken it yet. I keep saltine crackers and peppermints on hand for my nausea, but I don’t feel any relief. I also have Tums stashed everywhere for my indigestion and I don’t see that I am getting any relief. One thing that helps me out a lot is Sprite. For those mornings that I am super tired, I drink one can of Coke.
Pregnancy Related Stuff:
How far: 9 weeks
Sleeping Patterns: I am still going to sleep on my own. Prior to the pregnancy, I took sleeping pills frequently and now I am nodding by 8:00pm and sleep by 9:00pm. I am a light sleeper, but now if DH wakes me up, I quickly fall back asleep as opposed to how waking up once would ruin my good night’s sleep.
Weight: Maintaining, none gained or lost, but very bloated.
Cravings/Aversions: I have seriously been craving sugar cookies from Subway. I have not given into the temptation because I don’t think I can handle it. I have also been craving vanilla ice cream melted down into a soggy cone, yum! One of my favorite foods is the chili cheese fries from Sonic which I can no longer eat because the baby does not like it. Lemonade, green apples, and orange juice are big no no’s for me as well. I have been forcing myself to drink strawberry and chocolate milk here lately as a source of calcium. I hate milk!

Jen 32 weeks, Me 9 weeks
9 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
7 and 8 week ultrasound

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