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Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Leaving

After much thought and consideration, I am changing fertility doctors. I hate the thought of changing in the middle of treatments, but I am going with my gut feeling. I’ve weighed all the pros and cons of making the change and I mailed off my big packet of paperwork today. I don’t have anything negative to say about my previous clinic, they were absolutely awesome, but just not for me. I would highly recommend the doctor that I am leaving to anyone. Sounds contradictory, but oh well. One of the pros of the new clinic is that they open at 7:00am as opposed to 8:00am. That hour makes a really big difference for me in my work schedule. Another pro is that, DH will feel more comfortable in producing his sperm sample. He always complains about having to get his sample from the bathroom while people are constantly coming to the door. Some cons about switching are: services cost more (not much), parking fees, and getting used to another male doctor looking at “my stuff”. I somewhat dread the thought of not being able to wear perfume at the clinic because I am obsessed with perfume.

 I turned in the medical release form today for my records to be sent to the new doctor. I have to admit, I was somewhat embarrassed, but whatever. My first appointment with the new doctor is on March 31, 2011.

One week after 2nd IUI Progesterone Levels

Today I had my progesterone levels tested and they were greater than 20 which are good numbers and show that I ovulated. On a side note: the chick in the lab hurt my arm so bad that I could have screamed!! I’m used to an older lady taking my blood and I didn’t even feel the needle when she did it.
 In one more week my 2WW will be over and we will see if pregnancy was achieved. Given the difficulty of the IUI and other factors, I seriously doubt it, but it only takes one! Afterwards, I went to work at 9:30am and boy was the day extra long. With 30 minutes left in the work day, I started thinking about dinner plans and had to have some seafood from Jubilee Joe’s. I came home from work and demanded (yeah right) that we go waaaayyyy to Hoover for dinner. DH said “cool”. The main reason for going was to try the crawfish. It was so good and tasted just like New Orleans/Mobile seafood.
Big Stick


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glad this day is over

Today I had my second IUI and I can honestly say that it was a nightmare. It was so painful and I cried because of the discomfort. The first speculum was not working for me because I was tense and my cervix was tilted. Yes my cervix was tilted! A bigger and longer speculum had to be used. DH's sperm count and motility were extremely low which was another bummer. Prior to having the IUI perfomed, I was not nervous or anything because of how well the first IUI went. I was posing, excited, and taking pictures for this blog. Things quickly got really bad, really fast. As the pain progressed, I mumbled "Oh Glory, Oh Glory". Afterwards, my lovely husband felt the need to make fun of me and calling me old for saying "Oh Glory". My choice of words could have been so much worse. The first word that came to my mind started with "s" and ends with a "t". During the remainder of the day, I still experienced a lot of cramping and discomfort.

After the IUI, we had lunch at O'Charley's and then went to the hospital to visit a friend, Adrienne Chandler.

 On  September 22, 2010 Adrienne had a laproscopy to check for endometriosis. Her doctor discovered that she had moderate endometriosis and four marble size fibroid tumors. Her doctor performed a D & C to remove the endometriosis but decided that the tumors were no threat to her health and didn’t remove them. Adrienne was still suffering from uterine pain everyday. On her follow-up appt with her physician on Dec. 30, 2010, she was referred to a fertility specialist. She met with the fertility specialist on Jan 8 2011. He ordered her to have a sonogram. The sonogram showed that one of the fibroids grew to golf ball size, and the fertility specialist was sure that , that was the cause of all her problems. She had another Laproscopy scheduled along with a laser of endometriosis hystectomy, and a laprotomy for a myomectomy on March 11, 2011. When the physician was removing the fibroids (a myomectomy) he discovered that the largest fibroid had grown to the size of a tennis ball.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On to the next one...

My second IUI will be on tomorrow, March 11, 2011. Here's how my day started off. I woke up at 5 am because my bladder was about to explode. While I was awake I decided to test for ovulation using one of the cheap sticks. Well it was positive for ovulation. When I use those particular tests, I use the urine in a cup method. After I tested, I got back into bed and left the cup of urine on the bathroom sink counter. I then went back to sleep and woke up at around 7am to get ready for the day. One thing that I have learned since I've been doing infertility treatments is that I can always tell when I am ovulating. When I ovulate, I cramp just as it is with a period cramp. I requested to be off of work on this day and the next day so that was a plus. Since I knew that I ovulated, I said I would confirm it with the Clear Blue Easy test. I dipped the test into the same urine and I waited about 3 minutes and I got a big circle and was expecting the smiley face. It threw me for a loop! My fingers were already crossed tight hoping and praying to ovulate on this particular day because I did not want to end up having to go to the clinic over the weekend. After the disappointment of the circle, I figured that I would test again during the times that I am supposed to test which is from 11am until 2pm. When it was time to test, of course we were not at home. I ended up testing in Belk and when the results appeared, I was sitting in the men's shoe department on a comfy leather sofa. I told DH that it was a smiley face and he smiled. I then called the nurse, left a voice message and she called back at about 1:15pm with my appointment at 10:00 on March 11, 2011.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Round Two

Quick update:
I think about updating my blog everyday though I don’t do it. I feel like I don’t have the time and when I have the time, I simply don’t want to. Well…… IUI # 1 failed and we’ll be having IUI #2 within the next 7-10 days when I get my “smiley face” on the OPK. When I went to the doctor one week following my IUI,  my progestorone levels were "greater than 20" which my nurse describes as good numbers. When my period came, I was somewhat disappointed but not to the point where my day was ruined. My doctor wants me to do two more months of IUI with 50mg Clomid on days 2-6. I don’t care for the side effects of Clomid, but oh well, it is what it is! If this does not work, I will be doing injections.