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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Pregnant :)

I found out that I was pregnant on April 25, 2011 and it was such an exciting moment! Here’s how it all went down. I went to the doctor for blood work at 9:00. A few hours later, I kept calling the patient voicemail for my lab results and there were no messages. Finally at 1:37 pm, I received a call from a nurse on my cell phone, and it did not ring, it went straight to voicemail. That was so frustrating.  So I called back and left a message for a nurse to call me back and the message clearly stated “all calls received after 2:00 will be returned the following day”. So after that I just said well I guess I’ll know my results tomorrow. At approximately 4:00pm I gave in and took two pregnancy tests. One of the tests was a cheap strip test and the other was a test from Dollar Tree. Both tests were negative. Afterwards I decided to lie down and watch tv. At 5:05pm, the home phone rang and it was the doctor’s office. I answered and the nurse asked for me. I think that I blacked out during some of the conversation. She said “your progesterone levels were very high” and she named something else “indicating that you are pregnant”. My heart was beating so fast and I calmly said “are you serious, OMG I’m going to put you on speakerphone so that my husband can hear you”. She said it again with husband listening. He instantly started doing the ugly cry. I would have been boo-hooing but I was too shocked to do anything. I was instructed to continue progesterone suppositories twice daily along with prenatal vitamins, and Glucophage. I was also instructed to make an appointment for next week for lab work and an ultrasound. After I call ended with the nurse, I dug the pregnancy tests out of the trash can and the strip test had two lines indicating pregnancy and the Dollar Tree test was inconclusive. We hugged, and hugged some more and then talked about when and who we would tell first. We called my parents and then we told his mother and sister via skype. I am so surprised that DH’s mom did not think something strange was up because we were determined to get her on skype. DH told them by holding a $1.00 book up to the screen that I purchased from the thrift store titled “So You’re Going to Be a Dad”. They screamed and we laughed.

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