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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brand New Start

As we already know, I’m not pregnant, and the first day of my cycle was Sunday, March 27, 2011.

My first appointment with the new physician was a success. I really like the doctor and look forward to receiving my infertility treatments there. DH was very uncomfortable when we arrived at the clinic because it was packed! At my previous physician’s office, it was somewhat “low key” and quiet. The look on DH’s face was filled with shame and embarrassment for the first 20 minutes of waiting in the lobby. He eventually came around and said “man, it’s a lot of people going through this.” I think that he started feeling better when I made the comment that “infertility has many faces”. Inside the office, we saw many different kinds of people, black/white, young/middle age-ish and skinny/fat. My appointment was scheduled for 12:00 and we arrived at 11:25. I was given a folder full of new patient information about the clinic, costs, and services provided. We were then called to the receptionist’s desk to be photographed together. That was weird for me, certainly not prepared to take a photo. I then went to the lab for a urine collection.  After I finished, I went back to the lobby with DH waiting to be called back. We were called back and went into the doctor’s office. We patiently waited for about 10 minutes and the doctor came in. He introduced himself as to we did the same. Our plan of care was discussed. During the discussion, I realized that the doctor did not have any of my medical records from the previous physicians even though I signed and released all necessary forms. Luckily I had my big pink binder on hand which I keep everything related to my treatment. The doctor told me that I needed more aggressive medications and we discussed the Follistim injection. He then asked when the first day of my last period was. I said Sunday, March 27. The doc then said, you have two options: 1-start the follistim injections today or wait until the next cycle. I was shocked and overwhelmed. My response was “you’re the doctor and you know what’s best for me, so I’ll do whatever you recommend”. The doc then said “I’m antsie, let’s get this show on the roll”. He stated that I will begin with 100 IU of Follistim for the next 6 days followed by an HCG injection whenever the time is right. I will be back to the office on Tuesday April 5 for fasting blood work along with an ultrasound to measure my follicle. Lame, but I’m excited. After meeting with the doctor, I met with a nurse practitioner for a physical exam. Followed by that, the radiology person gave me a vaginal ultrasound. As usual, it was so weird and uncomfortable. DH and I both viewed the polycystic ovaries and everything else looked good. After the ultrasound, we went to meet with the nurse. She went over my plan of care and showed me how to use the Follistim pen. I was also given another prescription for Metformin 500 mg er. I hate Metformin because it gives me diarrhea (tmi) and makes my stomach bubble non-stop. While speaking with the doctor, I tried to get out of taking Metformin, but it did not work. I told him how sick it made me when I got up to 2500 mg and that I stopped taking it. He said because of my PCOS, it is in my best interest to take it. Ugh! The nurse gave us a lot of stuff, thank goodness I had my tote bag. We were given info on procedures at the office, ovulation induction, pregnancy reduction/risk of multiples and the whole nine yards. One thing that was very beneficial was the $300.00 off coupon for Follistim. She explained the fact that there is only one specialty pharmacy in the area (Irondale) which closes at 4:30, well it was 2:15 when she said it and I still had to do blood work. The pharmacy hours just totally ruined our planned dinner at Jubilee Joe’s, but whatever! Because I had some of my medical records present, I saved myself money by not having to consent to retesting. My copay for each lab test is $10.00 which adds up quickly. DH and I then went to the lab to have blood drawn. The lab tech must have magic hands because it did not hurt at all AND I looked at it. I have never been able to look at blood coming out of my arm without feeling lightheaded. We went to the desk to check out and the nurse came and asked me if I had ever had my thyroid levels checked. I told her that I did not think so. She asked me if I wanted to have them tested with the blood that was drawn, I said yes. Shortly after, the nurse told me that I would have to have blood drawn for a second time to test. I was like “sure why not”. I had my blood drawn and we left the clinic at 3:30 headed to the pharmacy. We arrived at the pharmacy at 4:00. After 30 minutes, the medications were ready and I paid $101.00 for all three prescriptions. The $300.00 coupon was a Godsend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My insurance only covers 50% of infertility medications.

 After leaving the pharmacy we went to The Shops of Grand River in Leeds to eat dinner and we were “hon-gar-r y”. When we arrived home, my friend Erika came over so that we could exercise. I totally forgot about her coming over. Instead of walking, we played Just Dance 2 for means of working out. When 8:00p was close, DH and Erika helped me to prepare the Follistim pen. When it was time for the actual injection, I somewhat lost my cool. I was terrified to stick myself in the stomach. So I then asked Erika to do it. She said okay and after I thought about it, I knew that I needed to do it myself. I am so appreciative of having friends that are willing to help me out, but I know there are going to be times where I need to do it on my own.


 I screamed as I attempted to inject myself. I couldn’t do it. DH was getting frustrated with me though he denies it. I sat at the kitchen table for 20 minutes trying to inject myself. I finally did it and it didn’t even hurt. I have to admit, self-injecting has gotten better each day. Now that I have gotten past the Follistim, the HCG shot is still freaking me out. I just don’t want to do it. Well I can’t do it myself because it has to be done in the hip muscle. After watching the video on it, I am dreading it so much that I could actually cry thinking about it. The needle is so big and long. The thought of DH giving me the injection makes me sick to the stomach. I know that he could do it and I trust him, but I’ve never been able to size up my needles prior to getting them. Every time DH touches me, he tickles me and I don’t want it to be when he is injecting me. I hate being ticklish! In regards to my Follistim injections, I am halfway there because I just had my third injection and three more to go this cycle.
On another note, I am sick. I am full of coughing and congestion. I need to go to the doctor, but I am not going to because I don’t want to do anything to interfere with my infertility meds. As ridiculous as I sound, it’s true. Lysol is my best friend right now.

My new bestie

So that I won't mess up, I leave notes around the house that help me prior to my appointments.


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