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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A whole lot of stickin'

After my first vaginal ultrasound while on the Follistim, I had a series of appointments while waiting on my follicle to mature.

March 31, 2011- FSH 7.7 and Estradiol 55.3

April 4, 2011- (no appointment, just a phone call from nurse) I am non-immune to chicken pox (declined the vaccination) and Vitamin D levels are low (put on 50,000 iu’s of vitamin d for the next 6 weeks) Side note: I cannot believe that I have never had chicken pox!

April 5, 2011- Estradiol 75.7 and Progesterone 0.5

April 8, 2011- Estradiol 120 and Progesterone 0.4

April 11, 2011- Estradiol 206 and Progesterone 0.4

Originally I was supposed to do the Follistim injection for five days, but my follicle had not yet matured so I did ten consecutive days at 100 iu's.

After the vaginal ultrasound on Sunday, April 11, 2011 (7:45 am appointment) my one follicle on my right ovary was mature. It measured 1.89 cm. I was instructed to do the HCG injection on this day at 8:00pm. The nurse marked the spot on my left hip with a red Sharpie marker where the injection should be.

Erika came over to help me with the injection. Once the clock hit 8:00, I had the needle prepared and ready to inject. I did not receive the injection until 8:01 because I freaked out. It hurt, but it was not the worst thing in the world. On the picture below, the colors that I am wearing look like the late 80's early 90's, it was my Punky Brewster look.

After receiving the hcg injection

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