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Friday, March 18, 2011

One week after 2nd IUI Progesterone Levels

Today I had my progesterone levels tested and they were greater than 20 which are good numbers and show that I ovulated. On a side note: the chick in the lab hurt my arm so bad that I could have screamed!! I’m used to an older lady taking my blood and I didn’t even feel the needle when she did it.
 In one more week my 2WW will be over and we will see if pregnancy was achieved. Given the difficulty of the IUI and other factors, I seriously doubt it, but it only takes one! Afterwards, I went to work at 9:30am and boy was the day extra long. With 30 minutes left in the work day, I started thinking about dinner plans and had to have some seafood from Jubilee Joe’s. I came home from work and demanded (yeah right) that we go waaaayyyy to Hoover for dinner. DH said “cool”. The main reason for going was to try the crawfish. It was so good and tasted just like New Orleans/Mobile seafood.
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