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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hope mother nature lets me travel

Well today is Tuesday January, 11, 2011. I did not go to work today or on the previous day. I was able to lay off work because the office was CLOSED due to our mini ice and snow storm. On tomorrow, January 12, 2010 I will be off work again because I requested to be off for my appointment with the fertility doc at 8:20am, the dentist at 11:00am, and the eye doctor at 3:00pm. It's a lot for one day, but I'd rather get everything out of the way. I am really nervous about having to travel in the morning because we are under freeze warning and the temperature in the AM will be 14 degrees......burr. While I was off work, I did NOT get caught up on any of my work, but I did get caught up on my couponing :). Here's an example of some of my shopping at Walgreens today:  I got a whole lot of necessities for $26.70 and I saved $72.86, go me! I was just happy to leave the house today because it was getting kind of boring though I could have easily been cleaning or trying to organize something. I am usually not one to complain, but I am so ready for this snow to LEAVE! I prefer winter over summer anyday, but enough is enough. I'll update again after my appointments and I have attached pictures from the snow.


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