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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Urologist and Post-Op Appointment

Well I had my post-op appointment of November 23, 2010 and the specialist said that everything went well with the surgery. I was given the "all clear" :) During the visit, I asked my doctor a few question regarding clomid, stages of endometriosis, and my recent bloodwork. He stated that the stage of endometriosis found was mild. Can we say big sigh of relief. My doctor feels as though I will very likely become pregnant soon since I've had the surgery. As far as my bloodwork is concerned, everything was almost normal such as Rh factor, sickle cell, hiv/aids, cystic fibrosis, and etc. The only thing that was abnormal was the diabetes test. I am NOT a diabetic, but because of my weight and family history, I am very, very high risk for diabetes :( It's okay, I know what I have to do..........

The blood tests also confirmed that I do have PCOS. I had somewhat convinced myself that I did not have it because of the inaccuracy of my last ob/gyn. The doctor recommended that I return in January 2011 and I will likely proceed with clomid and IUI depending on the outcome of DH's visit with the urologist.

Jarvis and I went to the urologist on December 3, 2010. He was very anxious about the appointment. Jarvis filled out the paperwork and then were called into a room to meet with a doctor. The doctor came into the room and discussed DH's medical history. DH was then told by the doctor that he would need to give him a physical exam and for him to "drop his pants and lie down on the table". Well DH was in total shock as though he did not see this coming. He dropped his pants and laid on the table. I sat in a chair in the corner of the room feeling as though I could roll out of the chair laughing because I knew how uncomfortable and embarrassing everything was for Jarvis. The doctor measured his testicles while explaining everything he was doing and looking for step by step. He was mainly looking for something called variococelle which he luckily did not have. The doctor then had DH to stand up in front of him with his pants down and he proceeded to examine him and he was told to cough. After the exam was complete, the doctor stated that everything looks normal and that he would not have to return to a urologist until he reaches age 40 for a prostate exam. The urologist went on to say that the low motility factor will be treated by the fertility doctor. I almost forgot to say, the doctor stated that a multivitamin may be beneficial, but all the "extra stuff" energy supplements, etc. may be detrimental to us conceiving.

After all was said and done, Jarvis left the building sooooo fast. I asked what was wrong and why was he walking so fast. He replied with "as you would say, I am absolutely mortified and I want to get out of here". I tried to explain to him that no one knew the purpose of his visit or saw anything that they did not suppose to see. He was still embarrassed and did not have much to say. I even tried to pull that "women go through things like this all the time" card and he was just not hearing it. Needless to say, we are both super glad that appointment is now in the past and we look forward to the next steps. Below are photos from after my surgery was completed.


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