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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first IUI will be on Friday February 4, 2011

Wednesday's test

Well after about two hours of playing with this blog, I can't seem to get the email corrected so that I can upload mobile images. How frustrating! Today I got a positive L H surge from my Clear Blue Easy Ovulation Test. Today is cycle day 17. I kind of felt as though it would happen today because of my cramps along with testing for ovulation on one of the cheap strip tests. Out of all days, the actual ovulation tests were in my bag at the office, and I was not at the office! I was so anxious......I was stuck in court thinking about my time window (11:00-2:00) and it was 11:30. I finally made it back to the office and tested at about 12:10pm and I got my big happy smiley face! I then watched the clock until 1:00 and began calling the doctors office. Of course it was 1:03 and their was no answer so I hung up and called again. I finally spoke to someone and she transferred me to the nurse. The nurse did not answer which I was already prepared for. I left her a message at 1:09 and she called me back at 1:36. My appointment will be on the next day, 9:30 for Jarvis and 10:30 for me. So much anxiety and excitement.

Above is a positive ovulation reading

Above is the "smiley face" which means ovulation.

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