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Friday, February 4, 2011

IUI # 1

Well I had my first IUI today! I was so nervous, excited, scared, anxious, indifferent, and everything else. The day started off kind of bumpy in that it was about 23 degrees outside and raining. DH started the day off by going to another doctors appointment at 8:30. Well I called him at 9:10 to ask him his whereabouts and he said "I'm just leaving Dr. Jordan's office". I was so disappointed because his appointment was scheduled for 9:30 and I was already present at the clinic when I called him at 9:10. I didn't get mad because I knew that I could not go into the procedure under any stress or anger, but I did get slightly irritated. He finally arrived at 9:33 and I was so happy. We signed in at the front desk and they called him back for the sperm sample. He was out in no time! After he gave the sample, he left to go eat breakfast at a restaurant across the street. I stayed at the clinic to wait on my appointment. He arrived back from breakfast and shortly after, we were called in. We paid the $324.00 fee and I could feel my heart in my throat because of the anticipation. TMI, but I went to go pee first and then I came back to the room and got undressed from the bottom down and covered up with the sheet. About three minutes later, the nurse came in with the catheter. She explained to me what DH's sperm count and motility was and the count was only 12 million after the wash and the motility was 50% which was a major improvement. She said that though the count is low, the motility is great. She showed us the catheter along with small vial of sperm labeled "C Dunigan". After I viewed it, I signed a form that I viewed the correct sperm. She then filled the catheter and DH then started asking questions. I was thinking, seriously, "you should  have asked wallago"! He asked her if he could look right after she inserted the speculum and she said if it is okay with your wife,  I said "I don't care, I'm just ready". He stood up to look inside my vagina and was like "WOW".  She talked me through everything that was being done. She stated to DH that he could help with the IUI by injecting and I said "noooo". She inserted the catheter and before I knew, it was over. DH was smiling and said that "I did it". She told me to remain lying on the table for 10 minutes with my legs up while elevated and that's just what I did. DH left while I was in my 10 minute wait so that he could go back to Dr. Jordan's office for his appointment. I then got dressed and went to checkout. I was given an appointment in exactly one week to do blood work at the lab between 8 and 11 next Friday and in two weeks I can test for pregnancy.

The IUI did not hurt at all, the speculum was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

This is a clip of nothing, did not know that Jarvis was recording, I thought he was taking a picture.

On the picture above, that is the catheter in her hand.

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