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Friday, January 6, 2012

39 Weeks

Everything is surreal! I have so many emotions (good ones) going through my head. After almost one year of pregnancy, he is almost here!
My last day of work for maternity leave ended up being December 16 which was earlier than I had planned. I chose to come off work because I could barely walk with the swollen feet and rash on my feet. My body itched so badly that I needed to be at home dressed lightly to have a tad bit of relief. I initially planned on December 22 being my last day since December 23 and 26 were paid holidays. Despite things not going as planned, I enjoyed a few days off of work to prepare for baby and have some semi-relax time.
My biopsy results came in from the dermatologist indicating that I did not have PUPPP as originally thought, but I have Uticaria which is a form of hives. He said that it was probably a medication or something that I have eaten that produced them. I thought it was crazy because I haven’t done anything differently. I was prescribed a six day steroid pill, but I decided not to take it until childbirth. I felt as though if I’ve been itching this long; I could go an extra week or two if necessary.
On the Friday before my scheduled c-section, I had my last appointment with my doctor and we talked about the procedure and what to do and not to do. I won’t go into detail, but my only option for childbirth was via cesarean. I felt like that was a bummer, but on the same token, I did not care as long as our son came out safely. I was told that the cesarean would take approximately 45 minutes. Five minutes to get the baby out and forty minutes to stitch me back up.

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